SDRSharp.ScrGrb is a simple TETRA demod plug-in network info grid data logger SDR# plug-in.
Visual Studio 2017. C#


Copy SDRSharp.ScrGrb.dll from SDRSharp.ScrGrb\SDRSharp.ScrGrb\bin\Release to SDR# directory and Add <add key="ScrGrb" value="SDRSharp.ScrGrb.ScrGrb,SDRSharp.ScrGrb"/> SDR# plugins.xml.

Log file path button: select or type file name (.txt is added if now extension specified). Start TETRA demodulator and open network info and open tab which contains grid (e.g. current cell tab) and click any cell in the grid (to set focus). Click Start button. Data from the grid is automatically selected (select all) and copied to clipboard and logged to file every 6 seconds. Between entries in log file is timestamp.
20190215223517 *************
SystemCode    1    ETSI ETS 300 392-2 ed. 1 and ETSI EN 300 392-7 [8] V2.1.1